A unique space, charming and fascinating.

You will be welcomed in a big jacuzzi pool and then proceed towards the paths that alternate hot and cold water, “Emotional”  showers similar to tropical rains, vascular regenerating pathways, sound, sauna, turkish bath and Mediterranean bath.

Immersed into an atmosphere of  total wellness, after the path you can relax in the Wellness Bar. An exclusive place with a unique design where guests are served scented teas, relaxing and cleansing, for the natural recovery of the body and mind.



area spa centro benessere geovillage bagno mediterraneo

Aromatic bath at 55 ° and with 60% humidity.


The profuse sweating due to the temperature of this treatment leads to a natural and harmonious detoxification of the body, making the skin soft and hydrated. This treatment, due to the natural heat, assists physical dysfunction, digestive tract, liver, intestine, pancreas, stomach. Relieves headaches, rheumatic and menstrual pain.

It is important to intake hot drinks to regain minerals.

Duration: max 20 minutes.



area spa centro benessere geovillage bagno turco

The turkish bath is a practice of a very ancient origins, it is not just a steam bath. It is normally designed as a time for socializing and relaxing, often associated with massage and aromatherapy.

The temperature inside the turkish bath is 40-50 ° C and humidity is close to 100% that regulates skin pH to ensure a deep skin hydration and effective removal of impurities.

Alternating with cold jets of water, it stimulates the emo-lymphatic circulation giving an invigorating and detoxifying effect, thus reducing the annoying imperfections of water retention, localized fat and cellulite. This practice as well as being extremely pleasant and relaxing relieves rheumatic pain and soothes the respiratory tract.

Hot drink should be taken to regain minerals.

Max 15 minutes



area spa centro benessere geovillage sauna finlandese

Let yourself be surrounded by a warm, dry environment to facilitate your body relax and eliminate impurities in absolute harmony.

This practice should be alternated with cold showers to encourage and stimulate the vascular system and reduce muscle tension and a cardiovascular recovery. It will be a unique experience to be lived. The temperature inside is about 80 ° -90 °.

It is recommended a stay of 8 to 12 minutes.



Between the paths the guests can enjoy a magical space where they can relax and let the water do its job and the aromatic scents of the oils expand through a relaxed breath.



The Wellness Path – Turkish bath, Mediterranean Bath, Sauna, Aromatic Showers, Jacuzzi and relax in the Wellness Bar – has the  duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes total. The entrance is subject to availability and it can be only on the predetermined time slots and on previous reservation calling to the number: +39789554057. Also, please note that the rental of slippers and towel is required.

Entry to children under the age of 16 is not allowed and the women are pregnant.

During festivities, the Wellness path has a duration of 60’.

The Cala Moresca Wellness Path will be closed for maintenance from the 04th to the 09th (morning) November 2019 included.

NB – Spring / Summer 2020:
The Cala Moresca Path is operational with only tubs with whirlpools and relax with a good herbal tea.



The hotel guests will enjoy a free voucher per stay, to collecet at the check-in. The voucher is valid for a single in scheduled times.

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