The Medical area of the Beauty Center, under the direction of Dr. Andrea Corona, focuses on a unique and important project: give value, balance and harmony to each individual, shaping an harmonious body, in other words a “natural” condition.

Certainly the impact of the aesthetic medicine can not disregard healthy diet and proper physical activity. Outside beauty depends on inner beauty and skin reflects the health, well-being, joy and mental and physical balance.

In addition to highly specialized beauty treatments, the medical area also offers professional consutling and advices from he following doctors:








jetpeelJetpeel is a revolutionary technology based on the emission of a bi-phase supersonic jet consists of micro droplets of saline solution to air / oxygen, liberated by a special handpiece to 3 outputs.

The emission speed is 200m / s allows to perform the peeling of the skin without trauma and at the same time to deliver nutrients.

The high velocity jet gently removes the outer layers of the skin, removing debris and freeing clogged pores. At the same time, Jet Peel treatment reactivates the micro cutaneous circulation giving a young, healthy and toned look.

Although JetPeel treatments are usually focused on neck and face, they can also be used on other parts that need exfoliation and hydration, as feet, hands, chest, back and elbows.

The Jet Peel treatment is painless, safe for all skin types and fast. To achieve and maintain an optimal result the JetPeel treatments should be performed every 10-30 days. One of the main advantages of the JetPeel method is the rapid healing phase, and the use of only natural “ingredients”, such as oxygen (air) and saline solution.


The Biorevitalization is a medical treatment designed to counter the causes of skin aging.

This microinjection technique is done on a dermal surface integrating key ingredients for our structure: vitamins, amino acids, co-enzymes and minerals. The contribution of active principles is indispensable for a complete renovation.

With skin revitalization (or bio-stimulation) can induce the skin cells to “work smarter.” So the revitalization and stimulation of the dermis is a curative treatment because it acts on the causes of skin aging and not only its effects.

Temporarily fixes single blemish (wrinkle) and also operates on the entire treated area of dermis (eg. the face or neck, cleavage) to find turgor, hydration, skin elasticity and luminosity that is lost with the passage of time.


Immediately you get a light “filler effect” and the skin immediately appears more relaxed. But the most obvious results are manifested in a month or so, when the revitalizing cocktail, stimulating the growth and multiplication of collagen and elastin cells, producing an evident anti-aging action, which lasts about 4-5 months. Wrinkles appear visibly reduced and the skin is more compact, turgid.


The biorevitalization is suitable for tissue regeneration and rejuvenation of: Face: forehead, cheeks, orbital area (crow’s feet and other wrinkles), chin, nasolabial furrows, lips.

The Electroporation is a medical device designed to deliver transdermally active ingredients with high molecular weight in the mobile interstitial spaces through microimpulses controlled by an impedance meter without intermediate bloodstream in the first phase (drugs, homeopathic products.  

It is used to fight cellulite, wrinkles, stretch marks and acting directly on the cellular mechanisms allowing to convey in depth ‘drugs, creams and lotions. All this happens in a totally painless way without needles or cannulas. The revolutionary technique harnesses the power of microdermabrasion and mild electrical pulses or vibrations to open at the surface and in the deeper layers of the dermis real “channels” between cells, through which they are conveyed between the various substances which also collagen and hyaluronic acid.

How does it work?

A “needleless syringe” that is, a handpiece connected to a constant current generator, able to evaluate the changes of the skin resistance in stable and reproducible conditions. Since the electric wave generator is produced which allows the diffusion in the deep layers of drugs in ionic form fabrics. This method makes possible the delivery of substances through the skin, not altering the tissues and reaching optimal depth.

Why choose Electroporation?

It is a painless method. The patient during the session perceives just a slight muscle contraction. It is free of side effects: the patient can immediately return to normal activities. There are no needles.

When is better to ask for this treatment?

The electroporation is recommended in the presence of wrinkles, irregularities of the skin from acne scars, aging spots, standing stretch marks, scars; It is also effective in reactivating the natural metabolic processes by regenerating new tissues and the same time favoring the elimination of those irregular, or fibrous.  

Expected results

The electroporation results are quickly visible. It ‘a great cellulite treatment, an effective anti-wrinkle facial treatment useful to fight skin blemishes.

The heat produced by radiofrequency, causes the contraction of the collagen fibers (lifting effect that makes the skin more compact), and stimulates the production of new collagen, also reduces the volume of the sebaceous glands by counteracting the sagging skin.

The treatment causes the contraction of the facial skin with a lifting effect (facelift) visible in particular in a few months away.

When can be used?

For wrinkle treatment.

Rejuvenation of the face and neck skin

Tightening of the face and body in the active phase of acne (in synergy with the IPL will amplify the results)

Double chin

Treatment of post acne scars

Attenuation of stretch marks (In synergy with the “Bio-revitalization” means Hydrofor device achieves excellent results) arms (to adjust the laxity of the lower area) hands (to reduce skin laxity) buttocks (firming) cellulite treatment

Treatments before and after liposuction maintenance treatments after facelifts and blepharoplasty post effects


The benefits of the treatment with radiofrequency are progressive and can be appreciated after a certain period, which means when the production of activated fibroblasts in the session becomes visible.  The benefits are wrinkle reduction, improvement in the quality of the skin, draining excess fluid, reduce thighs and waist size.

The Ultrasonic Cavitation is the latest in the field of cosmetic medicine for the decrease of fat and excess centimeters from waist, stomach, hips, thighs, inner knee, calf, arms.

The goal of cavitation is the elimination of subcutaneous fat and body contouring in identified areas: abdomen, trochanteric region, hips, thighs, knees.

It does not provide suction cannulas, anesthesia or other surgical interventions and otteniene thanks to dissolve and remove unwanted fat in fat cells through the use of ultrasound.


How does the treatment work?

By means of the ultrasonic cavitation, ultrasound intervene on fat cells thanks to a special device that generates low-frequency ultrasound can penetrate into the subcutaneous adipose tissue. Thus generating microbubbles inside adipocytes (fat cells, morpho-functional unit of adipose tissue), which implode and emit enough energy to destroy the surrounding fat cells.

The lipids put into circulation by the treatment are then drained in a physiological manner and finally expelled from the body through the liver and kidneys.


Affected Areas

Cavitation is used to combat cellulite and therefore is particularly suitable for areas where the accumulation of fat cells is more obvious: the abdomen, buttocks, hips, upper arms and legs.


The results produced by cavitation are many and all aimed at aesthetic and functional improvement of the silhouette. First, there is immediately a clear lipoclasic action (disintegration of adipose tissue) and a gradual remodeling of body shape in addition to the reduction in the size of the fat itself.

On top of it all there is a considerable change in the appearance of orange peel, with the elimination of the classic fibrous nodules of cellulite, improved oxygenation and revascularization of the subcutaneous tissue resulting in a reactivation of the peripheral circulation and liquid drainage stagnation. And, last but not least, an improvement of tone and elasticity of skin tissue.

Mesotherapy treatment fights cellulite using an intradermal injection of a set of drugs in small doses on a given area of the skin, through a thin needle.

The purpose of this therapy is to encourage the elimination of excess fluids, detoxify the body and improve firmness and elasticity of the skin. The action of the injections in mesotherapy, is in fact the type anti-inflammatory, vascular and lipolytic.


The cellulite treatment has four basic points of attack:

– Cardiovascular: with phlebotonic action, indicated in venous insufficiency venous stasis, a feeling of heaviness in the legs, leg cramps.

– Connective drainage: increased lymphatic flow with drainage of toxins allocated to mesenchymal level, detoxifying action.

– Hormonal system: gently stimulates the glands of internal secretion in the case for example of functional disorders of the menstrual cycle, in the type of pituitary adiposity.

– Lipolysis: with an increase of cellular oxidative processes for the treatment of localized fat.


The results

It reduces water retention, it improves the compactness of the skin by removing the  “orange peel”  effect and and improves circulation.

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