Beauty will save the world.

— Dostoevskij

As part of an exclusive and unique environment, combining top quality receptivity and excellent sports facilities, it comes the Beauty & Spa, surrounded be a beautiful park of about 20 hectares, planted with olive trees, myrtle and oleander.

Its skilled staff will make you live exciting moments that will become a unique and engaging experience. It’s a great place that offers various types of treatments: a real route towards “bellezza” aimed at achieving health and wellness, serenity and physical balance.

Beauty treatments provided in the center only use natural products and extracts of Mediterranean herbs and Sardinia.




Massage withe aromatic and essential oils from plants of Sardinia. Global rejuvenation, anti-aging, anti-stress, toning.

The oil used is chosen by the therapist.

Duration 30/50 min


Reflexology or foot massage.

It is a simple manual, technincal but very effective massage. It focuses on pressure massage techniques performed on foot and in the Western world it uses “reflex maps focus points”. A very well established technique, used in the last seventy years.

Duration: 50 min


This massage helps to awaken our dormant senses, to get in deep contact with our body and its parts strained or exhausted.
It balances the vital flow returning to peace and well-being. A rigid body and a stressed mind do not allow the individual to reach a state of psychological well-being. This massage will help to reach it.

Duration: 60/90 min


Intense and deep massage to produce a relaxing effect on muscle and joint tension, pain killer, anti-stress and firming.
Duration: 30/50 min


Anticellulite massage, emo-limphatic.

A sweet and light toning drainage of body fluids (blood and lymph), relaxing, anti-cellulite and skin revitalizing.

Oil used: Cypress / Juniper

Duration: 30/60 min


This massage is practiced with very light manipulation to point the bones of the skull and spine, acting on the craniosacral system, in fact – that is access to every part of the organism.

Duration: 50 min


Essential oils of Helichrysum and Cypress are the elements used for this bio-stimulating massage, performed with movements that stimulate blood circulation and oxygenate the tissues promoting greater restructuring. Their use brings well-being and helps the skin to regain a fresher, toned and bright look.

Duration: 50 min


This massage starts at the foot and then up along the legs and thighs, giving an immediate feeling of lightness and improving circulation.
The dorsal and lumbar area is free from tension and you feel a total relaxation. The treatment ends with a massage on the face.

This revitalization process also helps to smooth nerve and muscle tension brining a discovery of a psycho/physical balance.

Duration 30/50 min



Beauty manicure and pedicure.

In the best tradition, the oldest beauty treatment.
Your hands will speak for you.


Traditional facial cleansing is a treatment that cleanse, tone, exfoliate and thin the skin. It eliminates blackheads, moisturize and nourish the skin.
A complete cleaning is performed with an ozonated steaming, a delicate manual squeezing of blackheads and final skin cleansing with blue light.
The use of lotions, creams, oils and masks rich in natural active ingredients applied and massaged onto the face, neck and décolleté will act as a purifying trigger giving the skin more brightness.

Duration: 60 minutes


Massage with sea salt enriched with vegetable oil and precious essential oils. Without damaging the skin, this scrube removes dead cells that are resistant to penetration, thus promoting exchanges in the microcirculation by accelerating cell turnover. At the end, a refreshing shower.

Duration: 30 min


To give you a natural tan according to your skin type. Private cabanas where deep hygiene and meticulous cleaning of the spaces is always the rule.
The assistants to the booth will know what to advise you after a quick consultation.


The origin of this treatment are in Japan and is based on the opening of energy channels through the energy of the hands that act on specific areas of the body. It’s very useful in depressive states and in many physical discomforts. It induces a deep state of peace and strengthens our capabilities and self-defense.

Duration: 50 min


  • labial
  • eyebrows
  • armpits
  • groin
  • arms
  • half + Groin
  • legs + groin


  • man back
  • man Chest
  • man Shoulders