Beauty & Medical clinic "Clinique"

The specialist clinic “Clinique”, under the supervision of Dr. Andrea Corona, it is located inside the hotel, with the aim to offers its patients the ideal place where the in-depth study of the body and its clinical features, meet with the whole world of Geovillage’s services.

With the wellness programs, the sports circuits and the healthy diet, our guest can encounter a full body harmony, immersed into a green environment in complete relaxation.

Even more valuable is the excellence of the doctors and specialists our guest can find. They are from the most important hospital facility in Milan, Rome and Cagliari, available to all the patients and the clients of the Geovillage.

Clinique believes strongly in the health of the person. The clinic was created to help guests and patients to improve their entire psycho-physical well-being.


Aesthetic medicine

Hyaluronic acid filler to reduce facial wrinkles
Redefining volumes
Skin bio stimulation
Botulinum toxin facial treatments
Botulinum toxin against hyperhidrosis
affecting underarms, palms and feet
Lipolysis treatments: mesotherapy, fat cavitation
Facial and body flabbiness
Radio frequency
Chemical peels
Thread lift and FTC lift treatments
Buttocks shaping with hyaluronic acid

Reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery

Aesthetic surgery Face
Upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, Otoplasty
Eyebrow lift, Facial lift, Rhinoplasty
Lipofilling for volume correction
Hair transplant

Aesthetic surgery Body
Tummy tack and mini tummy tuck
Body lift, Arms lift, Thighs lift
Post bariatric surgery
Liposuction and liposculpture, Lipofilling

Aesthetic surgery Breast
Breast augmentation
Breast reduction
Mastopexy gynecomastia
Tuberous breast deformity
Lipofilling, Reconstructive surgery
Breast reconstruction and retouches including nipple-areola complex reconstruction, even with a tattoo

Pathological scarring
Cutaneous and under cutaneous benign formations (moles, cysts, lipomas) and malignant formations ( basal cell, melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma)

Hand surgery

Jerk finger

Carpal tunnel syndrome


Evaluation of nutritional and energetic needs

Evaluation of nutritional and hydration status of the patient through a bioimpedentiometric exam

Calliper exam to measure the cutaneous adipose tissue (fat)

Adipometer exam to measure the thickness of under cutaneous adipose tissue


Evaluation of nutritional status with nutritional and ponderal anamnesis

Anthropometric measurements and impedentiometric exams
Prescribed quantitative and qualitative diets against obesity, overweight and underweight, and in normal weight for nutritional re-education

Prescription of diet plans for the following pathologies:
Arterial hypertension,
Metabolic syndrome, diabetes,
Hypercholesterolemia, hyperglyceridaemia,
Fatty liver and renal insufficiency


Foot, ankle and hand surgery

Specialized orthopaedic care

Specialized hand surgery visits

Intra-articular, periarticular and peritendinous injections treatments
Antalgic mesotherapy

Carpal tunnel syndrome surgery, jerk finger, De Quervain syndrome; Dupuytren’s disease (initial stage)

Wrist/hand/finger’s cysts asportation




Homotoxicology and integrative medicine

Biomesotherapy treatments of osteoarticular pathologies

Neural therapy

Sports Medicine

Specialized sports medical visits


Urine dipstick

Postural evaluation with plantar predisposition


The Tecar therapy (Resistive Capacitive Energy Transfer) is an innovative technique that generates energy in the different tissues of the human body, and by doing so it activates the natural reparative and anti-inflammatory processes

The Tecar therapy reduces pain and shortens the rehabilitation period

Applications: tendinitis, bursitis, contractures, sprains and pulled muscles, inflammatory processes in a sub acute stage


Massotherapy, when prescribed by a doctor, should be performed by a thoroughly trained therapist

It consists of a therapeutic massage that is specific for the part of your body in pain

It can be a connective massage, a decontractural  massage, or just a light touch depending on the patient’s needs

Post traumatic neuromotor rehabilitation

The post traumatic motor rehabilitation is used to restore the normal Limbs functionality. It is necessary in case of orthopaedic surgery, but also as prevention to it.

It consists of all those physiotherapy techniques,  depending on the specific joint affected, that are meant to activate and/or reactivate the neuromuscular functionality  of an injured tissue

Hydrokinetic therapy

The hydrokinetic therapy is a branch of physiotherapy which takes place in a swimming pool.

It takes advantage from water properties in order to shorten the rehabilitation period, as the weight of a human body immersed in water is reduced by 90 percent, allowing various rehabilitation exercises with a minimal impact on the articulations.

It is indeed recommended by the doctors as a rehabilitation therapy after surgical interventions such as hip replacements, knee prosthesis, shoulder replacements, slipped discs, ankle sprains, rotator cuff and Achilles tendon therapy.

These minimal impact exercises are furthermore ideal in the treatment of chronic conditions such as low back pain, osteoarthritis in knees or hips.

Magnet therapy

It is an electro medical practice involving the use of low and high frequency magnetic fields.

It has an effect on the cell membranes, generating a repolarisation that stimulates the cell reparative processes though a powerful

bio stimulating effect.

This therapy is indicated in case of broken bones, as it stimulates the bones neo-apposition process, and in all cases of acute or chronic inflammation, as it improves the oxygenation and tissues nutrition.

Applications: broken bones, small and large joints, osteoarthritis, ligaments injuries


Fitzgerald foot treatment

Fitzgerald hand treatment

Dien Chan face therapy

Metamorphic technique(or pre-natal therapy)

Zhong Shu foot reflexology

Back and front shu points, front mu points

Chinese Medicine


Tui Na massages

Taoist Medicine


Cupping therapy

Zhong Shu foot reflexology

Taoist Zhong Shu posture training


Postural educator

Corrective exercise

Pelvic floor exercises and treatment

Neurofascial tape application

Kinesio taping;

Gentle workouts for athletes, disabled, seniors


Cardiologist visit

Step test


Color Doppler echocardiogram

Maximal effort test on the cycloergometer

Dynamic ecg 24 hours Holter monitoring

Cardiology medical-legal reports and evaluations


Bladder, renal and prostate pathologies, external genital organs;  kidney stones (bladder and renal)

Prostatic hypertrophy

Erectile dysfunction treatment, premature ejaculation

Phimosis; short frenulum

External genital organs infections

Urinary infections

Penile ecocolor Doppler with vasoactive drug


Single and couple sex consultation main sexual dysfunction

Migraine centre


Memory disorders centre

neurological rehabilitation visits

eurological visits


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