territorio geovillage

Sardinia is not only sea!


Precisely, during the months of autumn and winter, the island reveals its charms,  revealing its true face, revealing to tourists the genuine soul of its inhabitants, a simple and hospitable people.

A winter holiday that awakens the five senses: the pleasant Mediterranean climate, beautiful rainbows sprouting fleeting after a rainy night, the scent of succulent artichokes and delicious Antunne (species of fungus that is found in Sardinia), the magic of festivals in the picturesque inland villages, the silence of nature in wild places, the fervor of the ancient folk traditions, the heady fragrance of Cannonau and Vermentino, the crystal clear sea that changes with the wind.

A territory able to conquer those who visit it and make proud those who live in this paradise.
The open air activities are limitless: from the coast to the saddle of a bike or on horseback, trekking to the discovery of the old olive trees, traditional mushroom picking and excursions to archaeological sites.


And for those who want to indulge in sweet doing nothing and enjoy some “healthy idleness”, they have no shortage of proposals dedicated to relaxation and wellbeing.


The territory of Olbia encloses a fascinating mix of traditions, cultures, flavors and colors that have always attracted many visitors, especially intrigued by the origins and history of this part of Sardinia.


The rich Mediterranean vegetation gives this land a mix of colors and unique fragrances, as well as beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters that complement the beautiful natural scenery of this area, the center of town, the “Fausto Noce Park”. The park is the real green lung of the city, and it is loved by residents and tourists. 16 hectares of greenery in the heart of the city, comprehending many green species of Mediterranean flora, benches, life paths, but mostly water. Water in the four fountains that adorn the park and two small paths that mark the boundaries. The water and the abundant greenery make this park the favorite destination of families and sport people: the latter use the life path and the different internal routes, while families spend more time in small picnic outdoors or strolling around. Inside the amphitheater often are held exhibitions and concerts.